How To Deal With A Negative Book Review

change negative book reviews to positive reviews

What Happens If You Get A Negative Review As An Author? Negative Reviews happen. It’s just the way it is. There are negative people who enjoy being critical; who like to take things apart and nit-pick.  The only way to never get a negative review or endure criticism is to not publish your writing. Not…

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How Does One Heal After Death of a Loved One?

Finding Comfort and Hope after death of a Loved one.

How does one heal after death of a loved one? How can you handle, deal with, come to terms with, go on living in the face of such anguish?  I don’t know. No matter how prepared you are the actual death comes as a shock; a shock so deep it shakes you to your very…

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Silver Butterfly Wings is published!

Signs from the Other Side offering Comfort and Hope

Silver Butterfly Wings has finally spread her wings. Completely! Paperback and E-book available everywhere. It’s been a long journey. I started writing Silver Butterfly Wings about 10 years ago, partly as a way to process my grief. And partly because I didn’t want to forget the signs and messages my late husband was sending me…

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Mystic Living Today has posted an excerpt from Silver Butterfly Wings

I’m so very pleased that Mystic Living Ezine has posted an excerpt from my upcoming book: Here’s the link: Silver Butterfly Wings is ready for pre-order:  

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Silver Butterfly Wings excerpts posted

I am so pleased that an excerpt from my book Silver Butterfly Wings appeared in the Spiritual Media Blog Here is the link: This excerpt is taken from Chapter 5 –  Slipping Away … and it starts out like this: “I could feel movement in the air, a gentle brushing against my cheek, like a summer breeze.…

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As time went on, I learned to trust my intuition and not judge the information I was receiving. Intuition is really just an inner knowing, a strong feeling, a mental picture or series of pictures. I usually feel it right in my solar plexus, in the gut, which is why these feelings are called “gut…

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How to start reading palms – for real! It’s one thing to learn, to check out one’s own hand, to giggle over love lines and destiny lines and forks in the road, but to grasp a real client’s hand, study the lines, the shape and texture of the palm, to feel into the energy of…

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