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Wendy was honored to be a guest on Sandra Champlain’s We Don’t Die® Radio Show as we discussed signs and messages from the other side.

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Wendy’s interview with Christie Clemons Hoffman sheds a light on Wendy’s life today, how she has moved into a marriage with a husband who is acceptant that she still receives signs from her beloved departed David. Silver Butterfly Wings is uniquely her story but with aspects that speak to so many who have lost a dear one.



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Wendy’s Interview with Jim Harold weaves talk about her book, Silver Butterfly Wings, but also includes such questions as:

How does Wendy deal with skeptics?

How does Wendy answer to those who have not received signs but want to?



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Is it possible for our departed loved ones to offer us signs from the other side? Wendy Willow’s husband died, and she was shattered until a series of signs comforted her with the understanding that love never dies. Wendy Willow is an intuitive palm reader, numerologist, speaker, and published writer who has given readings at various Psychic and Alternate Health Fairs across Canada and the United States. Her articles have appeared in various spiritual publications across North America.  She joins Victor Fuhram on Vox Novus to share her new poignant memoir, Silver Butterfly Wings: Signs from the Other Side Offering Comfort and Hope After Death of a Loved One.

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Wendy was interviewed on Sense of Soul Podcast, who were excited to learn about Wendy’s grieving process of her husband David, and how this resulted in her book, Silver Butterfly Wings; a grief processed through writing. 11:11 arrived during this interview. They also touch on Wendy’s palmistry practice, and how she couldn’t read her husband’s destiny, which surprised them. However, Wendy and David were drawn to each other in the middle of their lives, drawn by their experience in medicine and their spiritual journeys, ready for love.  This is a story of love never dying. 

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We have a Book Giveaway Winner, who received a free copy of Silver Butterfly Wings on Kind Over Matter.

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