I was born in Ottawa, Ontario, and moved to Montreal when I was a wee little girl. Montreal has been home for most of my adult life.

Writing is my passion! Even as a child, stories would pour out of me onto the paper. Then acted out with children in the neighbourhood. And there were lots of them in the baby-boomer years! I was never without playmates.Childhood was a delightful time of climbing trees and picnics in the woods, of hide-and-seek and staying out till the streetlights came on.

Marriage at a young age produced 3 beautiful children. One Sunday afternoon well into the summer, my next door neighbour poked her head through the hedge and popped a question. “Do you want to go to a palmistry workshop next weekend?”

I looked at her as if she had 5 heads. “What on earth for? Do you believe in that stuff?” She laughed. I laughed. And we went anyway. I never looked back.

I took all the courses there were to take at the Palmistry Centre in Montreal, and began reading for clients in the back of my brand new book store, The Sunflower.

The Institute of Natural Health beckoned a couple of months down the road, as I felt a need to expand my hand reading practice and deepen my intuitive skills. At the Institute I learned such healing arts as: Reike, vibrational medicine, flower essences, nutrition, and guided meditation, to name a few. Learning to work with energy provided the groundwork for my healing career.

Later I went on to study nursing.

A friend of mine introduced me to the world of numerology. I was enchanted! Here was another avenue, another tool to guide a person along their life’s pathway. And it made sense. If your birth path is number 1, then that is the path of a leader, number 2 a “helpmate” and so on. This friend also suggested I become an exhibitor at the Montreal Psychic Fair. It was scary, it was fabulous! People came into my booth, hands thrust in my face and wanted answers – right now!

It was these psychic and alternative health fairs (both Montreal and Vermont), workshops I created, speaking events and of course my private practice that supplied a wealth of information for my first book, Reading Between The Lines.

I began writing articles on palmistry, always stressing the healing or guiding aspect of the craft. Education was my goal and I became a regular contributor in the Journal of Alternative Health, Montreal, and Ever-changing Magazine, Burlington, Vermont until they closed up shop. Waxing and Waning, Toronto, Ontario also published a few of my articles.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. When I’m not writing, reading palms, or giving workshops, I spend time with my grandchildren. They keep me young and happy. Tai chi, singing, biking, swimming, gardening, lunching and coffeeing with friends or walking in the woods turn my days into joy. Travelling too, as much as I can.

Reading Between the Lines is my first book. Silver Butterfly Wings, my second is now ready for purchase.