How do you feel about doorways? Apprehensive or excited? Afraid or unsure of where they will lead? Or eager to see what the future holds? Doorways can be real or symbolic. I was in a guided meditation a few days ago on how to cultivate a deeper connection with your Spirit Guides. Spirit Guide Meditation…

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Coming Home to Yourself

What the heck does that mean? Coming Home to Yourself   Your home symbolizes your inner being. If you could create a house of your dreams, what would it look like? Would it be a modern, sleek one story building? Or an old ornate Victorian type home with lots of cupolas and gables? A castle?…

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Acceptance is Taking the Focus Away From Pain What is Acceptance? Condoning bad behavior? Embracing a horrible event and telling yourself it’s ok? No, not at all. Acceptance is coming to terms with a hurtful or tragic event. It’s a process where the first step is to take the focus off or away from the…

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