Silver Butterfly Wings is my story -
A story of transformation in the face of grief.

About Silver Butterfly Wings

Silver Butterfly Wings is my story. It’s a story of transformation, of the many paths and decisions I had to face while going through the process of grief. My husband had died and I was utterly shattered; could not imagine a life without him. Then signs from the other side appeared, filling me with hope: flickering lights, hawks flying overhead, our song on the radio, a butterfly’s silvery wings, a hot spot on his side of the bed. At first I was skeptical...

About Wendy

Wendy Willow is an intuitive palm reader, numerologist and author, who has been practicing her craft for the past 30 years. Reading Between The Lines is her first published book. Silver Butterfly Wings, her second book, is now available for preorder. She lives in Oklahoma with her family.

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