Signs From The Other Side

Signs and Messages From The Other Side

Have you lost a loved one? Have you been fortunate enough to receive a sign or a message from that person whose essence or spirt is on The Other Side? 

After my husband died I was in shock. One minute he was alive in the hospital bed and the next he’d stopped breathing. No longer with us. Gone. The feelings of loss are horrible. Gut-wrenching. How was I ever to survive?

I left the hospital on that beautiful summer evening and drove home – to a now empty house. Not knowing what to do, I sat outside on my back deck, feeling lost and drifting as if in a dream.

Beautiful shades of orange and gold shimmered over the sky as the day faded and the light began to change. I watched the sunset as if from a great distance, yet felt a connection in some part of my being, as though I was slowly sinking along with the sun. 

Closing my eyes, I sat in the quiet stillness of a soft summer evening. Birds were silent, except for the occasional swishing sound that I thought might be a hummingbird at the feeder. I opened my eyes to look, but the feeder wasn’t even there. I hadn’t thought to hang it up back in the spring. 

Wind rustling through the leaves drew my attention upward. The sky had transformed to a deeper more solemn shade of blue. Puffy clouds glowed soft shades of rose and peach, their edges tinged with gold in the dying light. 

Powerful Waves of Love

It was then that a strange and wonderful thing happened. Powerful waves of Love washed over me, through me and around me with a force so intense that I had to hold on to my chair for a minute to steady myself. 

Pure, radiant Love, with a strength and clarity I had not known in my earthly life surrounded and embraced my very being. 

Face tilted to the heavens, I gratefully opened myself to receive this rich abundance of Love so freely and joyfully given. I basked in the glow, bathed in it, until I was completely saturated, filled to the brim. 

I knew at once where it was coming from.
David. My husband.
It could only be from David, and in sending this Heavenly Love, it was his way of reassuring me that he was okay. More than okay. He had made it to the Other Side and his Transition had been smooth. Like stepping out into the unknown, taking a leap of faith and at the end of the journey, arriving home safely. 

Comfort and Hope

Could I say he was happy? I don’t know. Happy is a funny word. It seems more like a word that belongs to this Earth. Not an Otherworldly one. 

Content? No, it was a much stronger feeling than contentment. Radiant? Definitely.
Joyful? Yes, I think so. It was hard to think about joy right now. But one thing I was very sure about was that those waves of love flowing over me brought peace to my confused mind and serenity to my lonely soul. 

This was the very first sign from my dearly departed husband. It was soothing and filled my heart with comfort and hope.

Excerpt from Chapter 1, Silver Butterfly Wings


  1. Shonna Gibreal on July 7, 2023 at 11:33 am

    Hello! I listened to your interview with Kirsty and would love a numerology reading. My birthdate is 6/5/1979. Also – for the past several months I keep seeing the number 11 EVERYWHERE! What is the signifigance of that? Thank you for you time! Its much appreciated 🙂


    • Wendy Willow on July 17, 2023 at 11:22 am

      Hello Shonna, I am sorry it took so long to get back to you, as I only just received this email.Would you kindly send me your email address as there is a major glitch in the system here. I’d be happy to do your numerology reading.

      Love and Light,

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