FAQ Palm Reading

Do the lines in your palm change?

Yes, they do. Our hands being a reflection of ourselves, change when our thoughts change. That might be an oversimplification, but stay with me… 

If we change our thoughts, then it follows that our attitudes change to match our new thought patterns. For example, we believe that nothing can be learned without a lot of hard work. Chances are, our Head Line is quite short. 

Then we pick up an instrument or take a singing class and realize that learning music is a cinch! The process is not tough, but fun and creative and flows naturally.  Not only does our Head Line change to a longer more flowing one, but we may also develop a line rising up to the Apollo finger (ring finger), which exposes a creative streak we never knew we had!

Well, there’s no holding us back now!  Our attitude has changed considerably and so have our habits. We practice music joyfully, without strain. Or take night classes in Roman history, or crack the code of the Rubiks cube, or ride or horse;  something, anything that was previously perceived as too difficult or taking too much time and effort to learn now comes easily.

Our habits have changed and so have our lines. Which, when you think about it, gives you some control over your life. You can change your beliefs and they will be reflected in your palm.

Does your Life Line say how long you will live?

Not necessarily. It’s nice to think so for those with long Life Lines, however, there are many more lines and signs to consider when reading a palm. Are there intersecting lines along the way? Is there an auxiliary line (guardian angel line)? Is there a space between the Head Line and Life Line or are they joined? Are the mounts fleshy and full or low in energy? What about the nailbeds? Size and shape of fingers?

 A long Life Line could mean a long life, but it could also mean that someone dives into life, living every minute to the fullest.

Short Life Liners prefer to live spontaneously. They generally don’t subscribe to long-range plans and goals. If their fingers are short as well, they tend to make decisions quickly and spontaneously. 

People with long fingers like to think things through before solving a problem or making a commitment.  So if you have a short Life Line and long fingers, you fall somewhere in the middle, balancing the quick energies with a less hurried pace. And as previously mentioned, there are other aspects of the palm to consider.

Just remember - if you see that your Life Line is short, it doesn’t mean your life will be cut short.

Will I have children?

Ahh, childrens’ lines. Those tiny vertical (sometimes horizontal) lines growing out of the Relationship or Marriage Lines. Sometimes they are faint, slanted, or even non-existent. Other times there are seemingly zillions of them (well not that many, but more than most people could even imagine).

The short answer is to check out your Relationship Lines (they curve around the side of your palm, just beneath Mercury -  baby finger) and see if any tiny lines sit on or close to  this line.

The long answer lies in the interpretation of those lines. That person sporting many tiny lines could be a school teacher or someone with a wealth of creative ideas. Faint lines represent children that never were, or children yet to be born. Slanted lines indicate a girl, with deeper straighter lines a boy. Yet in my own practice rather than assigning boy or girl lines to where and how the line is positioned, I use good old intuition.