What does that mean? How do you find your rhythm?

The world exists in rhythms: ocean waves, moon phases, sunrise and sunset, seasonal changes.

Your heartbeat.

Are you drawn to certain times of the day? Morning or evening, night or noon. Do you resonate with or resist changes in seasons? Temperature fluctuations?

Finding my rhythm

I was at a water aerobics class. First time in this new aquatic complex. In the “old” one (different city and country), I’d developed a rhythm. I’d arrive about 10 minutes before the class; that’s all I needed to check in, enter the locker room, find a vacant locker, throw off my summer dress or struggle out of heavy winter clothes (swim suit already put on at home), kick off sneakers and slip on water shoes and shower cap, (yes I know I look silly, but I don’t care) program the digital lock on the locker with a 4 digit number (1234, I never forget that combo) exit locker room, grab 2 white towels and into the pool area. Easy peasy. Don’t even think about it.

At this new place, there are no locks on the lockers. You have to bring your own. Nor do they provide towels. First time there, I didn’t bother with the locker as I hadn’t bought a lock yet. I took my bag into the pool area for recreational swim. Not a class. It was a little awkward as I stowed my street shoes in an empty locker – no lock, but I didn’t imagine anyone would snatch my smelly sneakers.

After my swim, I draped my one and only towel around my shoulders and headed for the showers. Quickly rinsed off and out of habit looked around for the dry towel. Hmm. I’d only brought one.

I’ll have to find my rhythm with this new pool.

I bought a lock and key – a cheap one at the Dollar Store as I didn’t feel like trying to remember the numbers in a combination lock (1234 is not going to cut it on this type of lock). I thought I was so smart the first day of my aqua fitness class. Stowed shoes in locker. Stripped off summer dress. Put on water shoes, forgot shower cap, snapped the lock in place. Now, what to do with the key? Darn. I’ll have to bring my bag into the pool area anyway. I was trying to avoid that by properly using the locker rooms.

I’ll have to find my rhythm.

Too Many Keys

I’m staying in a condo rental in Canada for the summer. More keys to worry about. At my home, I simply ¬†press a button to open the garage door and drive right in. No keys to worry about.

In the condo, there is a garage door opener, a main door key and a unit key. Some days I’m terrified I’ll forget or lose a key.

I’m finding my rhythm with this new place. Not just keys, I wake up at 5:00 or 5:30 every morning, as the sun rises earlier here. I go to bed earlier too. I rise earlier and sleep earlier. My eating patterns have changed too. Smaller meals more frequently.

My body is changing to align with the rhythm of Montreal, rather than Oklahoma where I live.


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