Coming Home to Yourself

No place like Home

What the heck does that mean? Coming Home to Yourself


Your home symbolizes your inner being. If you could create a house of your dreams, what would it look like? Would it be a modern, sleek one story building? Or an old ornate Victorian type home with lots of cupolas and gables? A castle? Is it a thatched-roof cottage like you’d find in the forest? A cave by the sea? Perhaps a Hobbit house, built into the side of a hillock. Or even an eagle’s or heron’s nest high up in the trees? Would you feel that an apartment complex was best for you, snug and safe on the ground floor, or way up in the penthouse?

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Let your imagination go free! What do the doors and windows look like? Again, modern or gothic? Tiny or huge? Detailed or streamlined. Is there a chimney? Can you see the grounds? Or are they hazy, leaving you unsure of that aspect of your home.

Are there flower gardens and shrubs, a manicured lawn, a stream running close by? Or a simple patch of grass.

Now open the door of your imaginary house and enter. What catches you immediately. Light and airy energy? Happy and carefree? Or something more serious? Do you feel a sense of belonging? Or a shudder of apprehension? Or simply a sense of curiosity.

Does it feel comfortable? As if the house is inviting you to kick off your shoes and relax into your favorite cosy chair by the fire – or is curiosity teasing at you to come on in and explore? Is there a smell, a fresh open-window breezy smell, or a stale stuffy odor. Bread baking in the oven or coffee brewing in the kitchen?

Now, what do you see in your Home?

Are you standing in the entrance hall? Or did you walk right into the main room or living area? Are you excited to check out each and every room? Or take your time and savor each doorway, hallway, the kitchen, basement, bedrooms?

Interesting, isn’t it? How do you see yourself? In a well loved home, cheery and inviting? Or one that needs extensive renovations? A huge castle with turrets and flags? Or a tiny comfy spot in the woods. There are so many variations – as many as there are people.

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