How do you feel about doorways? Apprehensive or excited? Afraid or unsure of where they will lead? Or eager to see what the future holds?

Doorways can be real or symbolic. I was in a guided meditation a few days ago on how to cultivate a deeper connection with your Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guide Meditation

We were guided up 10 steps to a doorway, which would lead us into the Spirit World to meet our guides. At the top of the steps, we were asked, “what does the doorway look like”? Mine was a hobbit door, like in the last post. I imagine that’s what was in my mind before the meditation even began. I opened the door, walked through, and was met by many many “lights” representing my Spirit Guides.  The lights morphed into figures in long robes, some with angel wings, some like ancient biblical figures and others were misty, undefined and kept swirling in and out of focus. There were so many! I was in awe.

Changes in Sacred Door

The next time I participated in the same guided meditation, I changed things up (oh the beauty of  the mind – you can create anything you want!) I leapt up those 10 steps and stood looking down at the imaginary people making their way up towards that Sacred Door. Hopping from one foot to another, like an eager child, I waited for Shelia Vijayarasa to finish counting. I knew what was coming – we would be asked to describe the door.

This time even though my door was the same shape as the hobbit one, it was bigger in size; actually it was Huge! And less ornate. I could see the wood more clearly and it felt as if it was luring or charming me with its simplicity – if that makes sense. I had no time or inclination to examine the hinges, handle, windows or anything else. “Come in, come in!” it beckoned.

Turn the Handle

“Turn the handle,” instructed Shelia, but I couldn’t wait.  I melted right into the door. Or flowed, or seeped. Yes – right through!  Woo hoo! It was Magical!  There are no limits to what your mind can conjure up when you give it some freedom.

Stepping Through

Immediately I found myself immersed into clouds – fluffy white clouds outlined in soft golden yellow. Brand new Spirit Guides greeted me – ones I had not met previously. There were family members as well, in their Spirit Form. Their messages were filled with happiness – not like the last time I sat down to channel my family. There was conflict and dissatisfaction, playfulness and humor. But this time, it was pure joy!

The whole experience was a positive one, and I came back into myself feeling uplifted.

What’s your experience?

How about you? Have you experienced walking through symbolic doorways? Or real ones with surprising results? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.



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Wendy Willow author of Silver Butterfly Wings



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