Palmistry: Emotions and your Body

Palm Reading

Let’s get to the heart of the matter

Your Body, the template of your emotions

Whatever we are going through on an emotional level ends up manifesting in our physical body to get our attention. This is how we are alerted to the deeper issues that need attention. This is nature’s way of saying “Hello! We have a problem here.”

Mary came to me to have her palm read a few months ago. She was a friendly woman with a cheerful smile. Her reading was progressing nicely when suddenly I sensed that there was something troubling her. Something she wanted to tell me.

“What is it? ” I asked outright, sitting back in my chair. I searched her face for a clue.

The Problem – how to lose weight

All at once her cheery mask fell away. As her eyes clouded with sadness, the real reason for her visit emerged. “Will I ever be able to lose weight?” she asked in a quivery voice. Surprise must have shown on my face, for she suddenly looked away.

Quickly recovering, I mentally reassessed her outward appearance. That she was heavy was obvious, but to ask me to tell her something which only she had the power to control had caught me off guard. Instantly, I realized this woman must be at the end of her rope.

A rush of information came through my intuitive channel. Mary had dieted off and on for most of her life, but nothing had worked. In the first few weeks of each new diet, her extra pounds would melt away, making Mary feel good about herself. She was actually doing something, rather than passively wishing she were slimmer. But after a while she stopped dieting and slipped back into her old ways.

Gently picking up her hand once more, I could sense the pain and frustration Mary had suffered for most of her life. Why did she feel the need to protect herself by putting on layers of fat? What was the emotional reason behind her excessive weight gain?

Looking at Mary’s Life Line, I could see that see that she had been separated from her mother shortly after her birth. Her mother had been very ill, requiring hospitalization when Mary was a baby. Of course, Mary couldn’t understand her circumstances back then, but she did feel the separation from her mother – her source of food – her Life Line.

As we delved into her past, it became clear that separation issues surfaced repeatedly throughout her life. In order to combat the strong feelings of rejection, Mary turned to food for comfort and fulfillment.

An “Aha” Moment!

That morning Mary stood looking candidly at herself in the mirror – and did not like what she saw. Something snapped deep inside. Mary had reached a turning point in her life. Time to unearth the reasons for compulsive overeating and change the pattern.

Mary was fortunate to have taken the first step. The root cause of her emotional eating had been unearthed. Her process of healing could now begin. It was essential that she understand what had happened in her past so she could let go of self-rejection and allow the door of compassion to open; compassion for that small child who constantly felt distance, like a huge gulf between her mother, her food source and herself.

Now she could start to work on herself. I suggested she begin at the beginning – with affirmations; affirming love and acceptance of herself just the way she is. Later on we could progress to dreams, goals and ambitions. Soon she wouldn’t need her layers of protection any more and they would fall away.

Positive Outcome

Mary came back to see me recently. I was pleasantly surprised by her overall appearance. Yes, she still had work to do but she had lost weight and and it was staying off! She was happy – genuinely happy. “Thank you”, she said, ” for starting me off on the right path.”

I looked at her and smiled. “So now that that’s done,” she continued, “how about telling me some good stuff – like when will I meet the man of my dreams?”

Laughing together, we continued her reading. Mary had changed and so had her lines. When we were finished she turned to me with a twinkle in her eye. “You never answered my question”,  she teased playfully, “will I ever be able to lose weight?”

“I didn’t have to,” I replied with a knowing smile. “The solution was there all the time – within yourself“.


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