2024 – a Brand New Year – A Fresh Start

Magic 8 vibe

What will this year Bring?

A Fresh Start. Days are lengthening slowly but surely;  darkness of winter is ebbing and we look to the bright clear days of January for Hope.

 According to Numerology, 2024 vibrates with 8 Energy (when you add up 2024 it becomes 8), which represents a year of abundance, prosperity and new growth.

The symbology of number 8 lying down is the Infinity Sign a magnet of abundance. It represents infinite wisdom and limitless potential to create abundance in whatever you desire. The Infinity Sign focuses more on the spiritual element of wealth: wealth of experiences, friends, adventures, comfort and relationships.

Sounds good? There’s more…..

Power and strength of will is also symbolic of the number 8. Its main principle is mind over matter, which teaches how to efficiently use the Law of Attraction when manifesting your desires. The 8 vibe brings us confidence in its strength, skills, talents, and its ability to step forward and create what it wants.

Will you “go with the flow” and anticipate the riches of the 8 vibe? Or sit back and see what happens? Both actions are good – depending on your intention and outcome. Your own Personal Vibe has something to do with it as well.

So how can sitting back work just as well as going with the flow?

If your Personal Vibe Year ends up being a 5, then combined with 2024, it will equal 13, which is reduced to 4. Four energy is about building – not unlike the 8 energy, but it’s a slower, “let’s make a plan” energy, so it would be better to sit back for a while and allow the ideas to develop.


Interested in knowing your own Personal Vibe for 2024?

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