Silver Butterfly Wings is published!

Wendy Willow author of Silver Butterfly Wings
Silver Butterfly Wings has finally spread her wings. Completely!
Paperback and E-book available everywhere.
It’s been a long journey. I started writing Silver Butterfly Wings about 10 years ago, partly as a way to process my grief. And partly because I didn’t want to forget the signs and messages my late husband was sending me from Across the Veil. There were many signs and it was important to me that I record them.
But by far the most important reason was to share my story in the hopes that others going through this horrible grief journey will find within the pages of this book, someone who understands.
Just realizing we’re not alone brings a sense of comfort, a stirring of hope that one day the pain will ease and a sense of “normal life” return once more.
Thank you to all who have shared in the process of my creation, from editing, design, production, printing, marketing, and finally publication of Silver Butterfly Wings.
And a huge thank you to everyone in my life.
Without you this labour of love would not be possible.

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