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Silver Butterfly Wings is my story. It’s a story of transformation, of the many paths and decisions I had to face while going through the process of grief. How I learned to cope in those early weeks; that ethereal time where it feels as if you’re drifting between two worlds, belonging to neither.

Shifting sands, flickering lights, a shadow in the hall. Signs from the Other Side? A butterfly’s silvery wings, a teardrop sliding down the kitchen windowpane as I stood there crying on a sunny winter day. A “hot spot” on his side of the bed as I turned over to hug his pillow. More signs?

At first I was skeptical. How could my dearly departed be sending signs and messages from Across the Veil? How could he know what I’m thinking, feeling?
Over time I learned to trust these signs, these gifts from Spirit. They brought hope to my weary soul, encouraged me to move forward and seek out joy.
I learned faith. There was a reason I was still here. I was meant to go on, to live my life with passion - not merely go through the motions of day-to-day living. I was to figure out who I was becoming in this totally different world and trust that life was taking me where I was meant to be.

In short, I was to transform - like a butterfly.


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